Easy To Build Log Cabin Plans

There are a number of different types of log cabin that you can build. When weighing up your options, you’ll need to take into account your location, purpose and budget.

Mountain Cabin

Credit: lanzen

The advantage of a mountain cabin is the great views and stunning landscape that you can surround yourself with. You’ll also normally be in a area that is very secluded and won’t have to worry about any neighbours. But because mountain cabins can be very remote, it can be difficult transporting materials to the location for the construction to begin.

Lake Cabin

Credit: kylewith

Lake cabins are pretty easy to build because they’ll be plenty of flat land for the foundations. They’re great for people who love watersports, fishing or bathing and so they tend to be very popular. Because of this, they can be one of the more expensive types of log cabins.

Hunting Cabin

Credit: 3plains

The hunting lodge tends to be one of the cheapest and easiest types of log cabins that you can build. The designs are simple and straight forward allowing you for a fast construction. In fact, this is one of the most popular types of log cabin that you can construct, because it is so simple to build. The main drawback is that you’ll have less space compared with normal, but you can always adjust and expand your designs.

Luxury Cabin

Credit: Luxury Cabin

If you have a big budget and you want to go all out, then a luxury cabin can be built to suit your every whim. Jacuzzi’s, swimming pools, saunas and built in bars are common and popular additions. Multi-storey constructions will provide you with many rooms and will allow you to create a perfect holiday getaway for your family.

Ski Cabin

Credit: Ski Cabin

You’ll usually find ski cabins in popular resorts such as in the Alps or Aspen. They are similar to mountain cabins except when building a ski cabin, an extra thick layer of insulation is required.

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